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Vendor Info

Vendor Information

Thank you for considering including the Wellston Coal Festival in your summer plans. Below is some basic information on the requirements of vendors at the Wellston Coal Festival. Please keep in mind that this information is listed here for informational purposes only. The booth application and contract list out all of the vendor rules and will be sent out to you if requested.

Major Requirements to be a Vendor:

  1. Payment in full of all fees associated with booth rental

  2. Certificate of Insurance

  3. Vendors License (If Applicable)

  4. Electrical Compliance Certificate (If Applicable)

  5. Health Department Permit (If Applicable, Contact Jackson County Health Dept with any questions as to requirements)

Other Information for Vendors:

  1. Items may be excluded at the discretion of the committee.

  2. The committee reserves the right to limit particular items at the festival. If the items you would like to sell are already taken, you will be advised and have the opportunity to adjust your items.

  3. The Corn Festival cannot supply any equipment; I.E. Tents, Tables, Chairs, Etc

  4. Festival Hours of operation are:

    1. Tuesday         6PM - 10PM (Preview/Gospel Night)

    2. Wednesday    5PM - 11PM

    3. Thursday        11AM* - 11PM

    4. Friday             10AM - 11 PM

    5. Saturday        10AM - 11 PM

If you have any questions please contact Logan Lindamood @740-988-0673 or email

*Thursday 11am start is for JVAC/Hope Haven Day. Vendors are preferred to open but do not have to open till 5pm. If you have questions about JVAC day contact Ryan Pelletier at 740-418-2404

Vendor ContractVendors_files/Concessions%20Contract%202017.pdf
Tent Space ContractVendors_files/Vendor%3ATent%20Contract.pdf
Vendor Update LetterVendors_files/Vendor%20update%20letter.pdf